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The Business Purchase and Sale Kit (for Business Sellers)

Russell L. Brown, MBA, Business Appraiser, Business Broker




Learn What You Need to Know to Sell Your Business at a Good Price
and Keep It Sold!

So you’re thinking about selling your business! You can put it on the market with a business broker and hope for the best …or… you can invest a little time and effort into learning how to get your business ready to sell for the most money and how to make sure it stays sold. The fact that you are reading this tells me that you are a smart business person who wants to make sure their business sale process goes smoothly and successfully. You've come to the right place.

There are hundreds of businesses successfully sold every day but there are even more deals that fall apart before the closing after months of negotiations. And worse yet, there are business sales that go sour after the closing because the newly acquired business fails and the business seller is usually left holding the bag with a ruined business and unpaid purchase money.

Did you know that it’s reliably estimated that at least 80% of all small business sales involve some level of financing by the seller? This is because buyers frequently (almost never) have the full cash price for a business and are unable to get bank financing for other than a portion of the physical assets of the business. So it’s likely you’ll be financing your business sale, especially if the sale price involves a significant amount of goodwill value (which includes most successful small businesses).

How then to successfully sell the business you’ve worked so hard to build, for a good price, and make sure it stays sold? The answer starts with you learning as much as you can about the business purchase, sale and valuation process. Not so much so that you can completely do-it-yourself, but enough to know how the process should operate, how much your business may be worth on the open-market, how to select a qualified business broker (and other professionals) and how to avoid the biggest pitfalls in the overall business sale process.

To help you to successfully sell a business, we’ve assembled a specialpackage of information that’s easy to use, covers all of the above points (and more) and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. This Business Purchase and Sale Kit has all of the critical information you need AND the easiest to use business valuation software program (BizPricer) you can find.

This Business Seller's Purchase and Sale Kit includes:

Our most popular book, Strategies for Successfully Selling a Business. This 224 page book provides all of the basic practical information that business buyers and sellers need to efficiently find each other, negotiate, and successfully close the deal. To sell your business can be one of the three or four most important decisions of a lifetime. Yet, many business owners rush into this decision ill prepared and lacking crucial facts. This book provides the information that minimizes financial risk and reveals how the reader can get the upper hand when negotiating the sale of any business . . . Information that can literally spell the difference between success and failure. Learn more about this book...

Our best-selling BizPricer™ Business Valuation Software which includes both BizPricerW™ (Wizard version) and BizPricerE™ (MS Excel version). BizPricer™ is a user-friendly and powerful but inexpensive resource for prospective business buyers and sellers (and business brokers) who need to know the fair market value of a profitable business. BizPricer™ includes easy to understand instructions that walk you through the valuation process without getting involved with complicated academic theory. BizPricer™ accomplishes all of the calculations for you. All you do is enter the company’s recent financial data and other information specific to the business. No financial expertise or specialized knowledge is needed. Learn more about this software...

A unique guide titled Anatomy of a Business Purchase Offer. This book provides you with all of the practical hands-on knowledge you need to make a successful purchase offer for a small business. The author uses an actual Purchase Offer form to show you exactly what needs to be written and why! He details all of his recommendations in a line-by-line format for each and every aspect of the purchase. All of this book's 132 pages are loaded with specific useful information you must know to help you to buy an existing business. The book includes an interactive Business Offer form which you can actually use in making a business purchase offer. There is no other publication of this kind available anywhere! Learn more about this book...

Our classic book, Preparing Your Business for Sale (For the Most Money!). A unique book that shows business owners how to prepare their business to sell for the most money. This book addresses a looming baby-boomer issue: how to sell or transfer the business they worked so hard to create as retirement age approaches. It presents 60 strategic moves and hundreds of tips and ideas that a business owner should implement or risk losing significant value at the time of sale. This 300-page book has been described by readers as "a much needed contribution to the subject of business transfers," "a superb resource for business owners" and "an extremely valuable book that covers virtually everything a business owner needs to know to properly prepare a business for a successful sale." Learn more about this book ...

We even include with this Kit on-screen fill-in-the-blanks Business Purchase and Sale Forms! Whether you're a business broker, consultant, or business seller or buyer "doing it yourself", you can use these forms with your accountant, attorney, and broker to potentially save thousands of dollars in professional fees and speed up the transaction process significantly! The more work you do yourself with these forms, and the less work the expensive professionals do for you, could save you a great deal of money. These forms are interactive and customizable (you just fill-in-the-blanks) and/or you can add headings and add or delete text. You can even insert your own business logo if you wish.

The Business Purchase and Sale Kit is a real value no matter whether you select to download it or receive it in printed copy and CD form. Here is what you will receive:

If you order the Printed Copies and CD-ROM:

Printed copy of the book, Strategies for Successfully Buying or Selling a Business, a $29.95 value.

Printed copy of the book, Preparing a Business for Sale (For the Most Money!), a $39.95 value.

Printed copy of the book, Anatomy of a Business Purchase Offer, a $39.95 value.

One CD containing the pdf copies of each of the books listed above (so you can access the forms and checklists on-screen), the latest BizPricer™ Business Valuation Software (both BizPricerW™ (Wizard version) and BizPricerE™ (MS Excel version) and the Business Purchase and Sale Forms (in MS Word and pdf). These items are priced at $124.90.

Note: All of our books are bookstore quality with registered ISBN numbers. These ARE NOT cheap "made for the Internet" type documents.

Separately ordered you would pay $234.75 at our best publisher-direct prices. You may order this entire Kit for only $159.95.

......and even less money if you order the download:

You will receive all of the items listed above in computer-readable or printable form (pdf and/or MS Word documents) in a single 10 MB download. You will even receive both versions of the BizPricer software (Wizard and Excel-based) for only $129.95. And of course, there will be no shipping and handling charges.

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Business Purchase and Sale Kit

Postal-Delivery Option
Printed book copies and CD:
Book: Strategies for Successfully Buying or Selling a Business (with an entire chapter on Due Diligence)
Book: Preparing a Business for Sale
Book: Anatomy of a Business Purchase Offer
Software: BizPricer (both Wizard and Excel versions included)
Interactive Forms: Business Purchase Offer and ten other related purchase and sale forms

$159.95 (plus shipping and handling) - This Kit is in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Download-Now Option

Immediately download the entire Kit:
Book: Strategies for Successfully Buying or Selling a Business (with an entire chapter on Due Diligence)
Book: Preparing a Business for Sale
Book: Anatomy of a Business Purchase Offer
Software: BizPricer (both Wizard and Excel versions)
Interactive Forms: Business Purchase Offer and ten other related purchase and sale forms

$129.95 (no shipping or handling charges) - This Kit is ready for immediate download.


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