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B902: The Complete Guide To Business Brokerage, The latest 3rd edition
by Tom West. Softcover, 385 pages. This book belongs in every business broker's library, regardless of how long you've been in business and especially if you're just getting into the field. You're never too experienced to learn! This new publication is the definitive book on business brokerage. It covers all aspects of the field; from how to take a listing, to managing the office. Whether you're just beginning your business brokerage career, a seasoned veteran, sole practitioner or office manager, you will definitely learn and profit from this book. $129.00 (Learn More)

B901: The Business Reference Guide The latest 17th Edition
by Tom West. Copyright 2007, softcover, 5 x 8 inches, 810 pages. This is a professional guide book loaded with information for business brokers, mergers and acquisition specialists, appraisers, and business intermediaries of all kinds. If you are contemplating buying or selling a business and you want the information these professionals use, then this book is for you. As a business buyer or seller, you will have hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars at stake in the transaction. You owe it to your financial well-being to have all the information you can get! With this "bible" of the business brokerage world you'll learn enough to make sure your particular deal makes absolute sense. This is the first time this "behind the scenes" collection of key information has been made available outside of the business brokerage industry. There is a limited printing because this book is updated annually and when current supplies run out, the updated edition will not be available until the next year. Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine has described this book as "a GOLD MINE of information which includes profiles of many businesses and guides to legal, pricing, and financial issues." Even Inc. Magazine recommended this book to their readers who are considering buying or selling a business! Contains the largest source of business valuation "rules of thumb" available in print. Over 600 different business types and over 1,000 rules of thumb are covered as well as other key business sale data. $115.00 (Learn More)

S101: BizPricer™ Business Valuation Software
An excellent resource for business brokers or commercial real estate agents who want to determine the fair-market value of a business! Includes an easy to understand Manual that walks you through the valuation process. The software accomplishes all of the calculations for you…all you do is enter the company’s financial data. No financial expertise or specialized knowledge is needed. Use the software over and over again for "what-if" analyses. The software uses the same valuation method used by the author/business appraiser in hundreds of business valuations and verified against actual data and real-world results. Includes a copyrighted Business Valuation and Sale Prospectus Report Template (uses a fill-in-the-blanks approach with real-world examples). Publisher-direct priced at only $149.95 $99.95! (or only $79.95 for immediate download) (Learn More)

N903: The Business Broker Newsletter
edited by Tom West, The Industry's leading Newsletter informs, educates, and keeps its readers aware of what's happening on the business brokerage scene. Over the years, this Newsletter has introduced new forms, checklists and ideas that are now an integral part of the business. Many business brokers have increased their sales success and their bottom-line profits as a result of the sage advice packed into every monthly issue. It is truly the voice of the business brokerage industry and is "must" reading for anyone involved in the business. The Newsletter is edited by Mr. Tom West, arguably the most knowledgeable business broker in the United States today! $98.00 annual subscription/12-monthly editions (Learn More)

B106: Business Broker Professional Starter Kits
Congratulations on your plan to pursue one of the most financially rewarding professions in the business world! You've come to the right place to get your new career up and running! You probably already know the Business Brokerage field is poised on the verge of its greatest growth as millions of baby-boomer business owners begin to put their profitable businesses on the market! We've assembled a selection of special value kits of tools and information to jump-start your new profession. Several package prices are available to save you money. Various special-value pricing. (Learn More)

B108: Transaction Patterns
Transaction Patterns is an extremely valuable reference book for both the business appraiser and the business broker and anyone else wanting to know the statistical details of a business sale (some of which may surprise you!). It presents conclusions from an analysis of the entire BIZCOMPS database that are valuable for citing in small business appraisal/valuation reports in support of appraisal conclusions. It also shows techniques for the reader to conduct analysis on any subset of the data that may be most relevant to a particular small business. Only $59.95 for this exceptional resource. (Learn More)

B105: Anatomy of a Business Purchase Offer
This book provides you with all of the practical hands-on knowledge you need to make a successful purchase offer for a business. The author uses an actual Purchase Offer form to show you exactly what needs to be written and why! He details all of his recommendations in a line-by-line format for each and every aspect of the purchase offer. All of this book's 132 pages are loaded with specific useful information you must know to help you purchase or sell a business. This book includes an interactive Business Offer form and may be purchased as a printed copy with CD-ROM or downloaded to your computer at a reduced price. $39.95 (or only $19.95 for immediate download) (Learn More)

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