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Business Valuation and Appraisal



Out offers these excellent resources for the business buyer, business seller and business broker to quickly and accurately determine the fair market value of a business.

S101: BizPricer™ Business Valuation Software
An excellent resource for prospective business buyers and sellers (and business brokers/real estate agents) who want to determine the fair-market appraisal value of a business! Includes an easy to understand Manual that walks you through the valuation process. The software accomplishes all of the calculations for you…all you do is enter the company’s financial data. No financial expertise or specialized knowledge is needed. Save thousands of dollars over hiring an appraiser to provide you with a similar result. Use the software over and over again for "what-if" appraisal analyses. The software uses the same professionally-accepted valuation methods used by the author/business appraiser in hundreds of business valuations and verified against actual data and real-world results. Publisher direct-priced at only $149.95 $99.95! (or only $79.95 for immediate download) (Learn More)

B102: Strategies For Successfully Buying Or Selling A Business (Expanded new 2nd Edition)
by Russell L. Brown. Copyright 2002, softcover, 8.5 x 11 inches, 224 pages. Written for either the buyer or seller of a business, this book provides insider strategies, techniques, and secrets for success based on the real-life experiences of a business broker and business appraiser. Contains everything you need to know to successfully buy or sell a small business. Also includes the most commonly used forms, many handy checklists and a down-to-earth description of the business valuation process. Winner of the North American Bookdealers Exchange (NABE) Best Business Book of the Year Award and recommended by Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine. $49.95 $29.95 - special value! This book is also available for download for only $19.95. (Learn More)

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